Releasing Judgment


Our culture teaches us to judge everything in terms of good/bad, right/wrong, pleasure/pain, reward/punishment, etc. Yet nothing drains our energy more than constantly judging every thought, experience, person or event. Judging separates, limits & defines when all life is interconnected. You’re setting yourself against life rather than going with it, depleting your life force.

Energy is always in motion. We’re meant to flow with it & allow it to carry us to the next moment. Every judgment, stops the natural flow of energy from progressing to the next state causing it to freeze & rigidify. This is how we anchor ourselves in the past preventing us from dealing effectively with whatever’s happening in the present. From the moment we judge something as desirable or undesirable, we turn a flowing steam into a stagnant pool which negatively affects our physical & psychological health draining us, making us sick, tired & discouraged. Judging something as good also limits. Because now you’ll try to keep it the same instead of allowing it to evolve into the next higher level.

Let me give you a simple example. I’m hyper sensitive to noise. I resist loud noise by  becoming tight & bracing myself against it which causes cortisol to spike. All that accumulated excess cortisol wears out the body which ages prematurely. Each noise becomes a new assault.

How to quickly & easily stop this deeply imbedded habit of judging becomes the issue. The most effective means I’ve found is the immediate practice of gratitude & blessing. Now, when I hear irritating noises, I shift my focus away from condemning them. I’m training myself to be grateful & bless. “Thank you for the gift of hearing. I’m grateful to be alive. Noise is part of life. I bless this noise. I bless the persons, events, machines & circumstances causing the noise. Bless it all.”

The immediate effect is a letting go & release of tension. I’m no longer resisting what is. Not only am I accepting reality with no artificial overlay of the ego mind, I’m now aligned with it on an energetic level. Blessing sends positive energy to it thereby raising its vibration creating harmony where there was dissonance. Practicing this, over time, has made me much happier.

Another example:  You get an inspiration & feel excited. You share it with someone who rejects & judges it harshly. “It’ll never work. You don’t have the money, skill, time, help, talent, etc.” Your energy crashes, you feel let down & the new possibility gets aborted. You feel bad. You’ve just lost power & cemented yourself more firmly into the problem with no way out.

Instead, silently bless them. “I bless this person. May they be showered with many, many blessings.” Internally, you’ve shifted from fighting, to accepting them as they are. Disengaged from warfare, you create peace within. No longer in opposition, you’re free to put your energy into incubating the new idea. Sending them positive energy increases your power because everything you send to another comes back to you multiplied. This is one energetically interconnected whole universe.

Another example:   A young child falls & begins to cry. If you criticize them as stupid & careless they’ll cry harder. Your judgment inflicts emotional punishment on top of the physical pain. You’ve just made the situation worse through blaming when blessing would have hastened the healing process.

What you resist persists. The way to stop struggling against life is to bless it, all of it. Accept life on its own terms, bless it and you’ll find that the situation is free to transform. But even if it doesn’t change right away, you’ll feel more at peace because you’ve surrendered to what is. Bless life & it will bless & empower you.




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