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Heal Your HeartMontage Mirage Myth & Photo Tapestries have been major modalities for healing my own heart. They have mirrored my deepest sorrows & highest aspirations. My internal world, vivid imagination & intuitive sense, through the participation of my body, have come into fresh, whole relationship. Assembling photo symbols into new physical form made them real, tangible & under my active control. Because what you acknowledge & accept, you can change. What you can’t see, you can’t influence. Without recognition, unconscious patterns control you. They become blind spots that others perceive but you can’t. This is another way, MM makes the unseen visible.

Hands on crafting is necessary on this physical plane. Grounding, connecting with Earth, is essential to manifestation. Working with your hands, sorting, cutting, placing & gluing gets you out of your head & back into your body. Once embodied, your arms & hands become extensions of your heart. Creating & appreciating something beautiful opens your heart, as well as gift giving & receiving. Beauty, generosity & gratitude are 3 of the most accessible heart openers & heart healers.

At first, it may be painful to experience your heart’s feelings because they contain the past. But the pain can be transformed into something magical. Imagine opening the door to your heart. As you look within, it may be dark & cluttered with leftover unsavory sentiments. Visualize shining light into all areas. Darkness disappears when light enters. Then, only the clutter of memories remains. Next, choose one of the most difficult & rewrite the story. Give it a new slant, a different outcome, a joyful conclusion.

For example, see yourself as the hero or heroine of a Great Mythic Drama. What obstacles need to be overcome? FEAR, doubt, judgments, blame, guilt, old conditioning? What skills need to be mastered? Clear communication, deep listening, courage, connection, curiosity, persistence? Who needs to be rescued? A neglected child, an abused wife, a depressed son, an alcoholic father, an abandoned elder? What needs to happen? Letting go, forgiveness, atonement, understanding, empathy? What allies come to your side? A Wise Old Man or Wise Old Woman, an Angel with a flaming sword, a forgotten friend, a beloved horse or dog? What growth occurs as you surrender to the Light Within? As you expand your consciousness to include what was previously unknown, unfelt or unclear, how does that change you? How will your life be blessed because of it? Fuller, sweeter with more sharing, zest or charisma? Ask your heart how it feels now.

Heart connection to Source adds depth, joy, love & meaning to your life & relationships. Get into your body, put your heart in charge & watch your life flourish! Forgive yourself completely, love yourself unconditionally & bless yourself abundantly.

My mission is teaching how to open, heal & live from the heart. One the most enjoyable ways I know, is through art that you create from sifting through all of your most loved photos of people, pets, projects & places you cherish to create original Montage Mirage Photo Tapestries.


Author: Gwen Sarandrea has authored numerous books including Counseling Case Study & The Healing House, The Gift of Dad’s Final Years. She is also a portrait montage artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gwen has a love of helping people cope with the aging and death of parents and other loved ones. Visit Amazon.com to pick up your copies of Gwen’s books.

Photo Source: Microsoft Clip Art

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