Everything is Perfect

Our ego/mind stays in control by keeping us focused in the past or the future. Rehashing what’s already occurred changes nothing. Judgments about what “should”, “would” or “could” have happened “if only”… and “why” are futile & merely wastes precious energy. What you resist persists. What you think about is your reality. Instead, think in terms of what works or doesn’t work. Obsessed by the past, we project it onto the future thereby perpetuating the cycle indefinitely. Then, we wonder why nothing seems to change.

All power is in the present. NOW is the only moment there is – ever. How can you remain PRESENT, that is, in the present moment? Following your breath is a basic meditation technique.

However, busy minds need additional help as we’re not meditating all day long. Another way is by making friends with whatever’s going on right now & accepting what’s already transpired. No matter how unpleasant or undesired things are in the moment, ancient wisdom suggests repeating this to yourself, “Everything is perfect exactly as it is.” This simple statement removes judgment & resistance from the event releasing the negative charge holding the patterns in place. It takes practice but you’ll find that it also reduces stress.

At 3 AM one night while reciting this mantra, I decided to take it one step further by including the past in a short poem. I added, “Everything’s been perfect, since I was a kid” accepting & approving all previous years as they were. I began to enjoy the present moment & be grateful for everything I had. Two additional lines completed it . “My heart is full of gratitude for my many blessings. A simple shift in attitude activates the lessons.” Now, I had a singsong version of the classic statement that opened my heart & put a smile on my face.

Everything is Perfect, exactly as it is.

Everything’s been Perfect, since I was a kid.

My heart is full of gratitude for my many blessings.

A simple shift in attitude activates the lessons.

Try replacing habitual worrisome thoughts with this verse to see if, in time, you have more peace of mind. In this expanded state, you’re open to intuition & insights about how to create positive change in your life. To change your life, change your perspective.

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