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Hope of the World Divine Mother, birthing all universes, we deeply love, honor and appreciate the whole miraculous creation! Bless the Earth with infinite abundance, Immaculate Mary. Purify its waters, restore its forests, soils and all interconnected life, O, Hope of the World. Shower graces on all woman who carry your sacred life force in [...]

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Releasing Judgment

  Our culture teaches us to judge everything in terms of good/bad, right/wrong, pleasure/pain, reward/punishment, etc. Yet nothing drains our energy more than constantly judging every thought, experience, person or event. Judging separates, limits & defines when all life is interconnected. You’re setting yourself against life rather than going with it, depleting your life force. Energy [...]

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Everything is Perfect

Our ego/mind stays in control by keeping us focused in the past or the future. Rehashing what’s already occurred changes nothing. Judgments about what “should”, “would” or “could” have happened “if only”… and “why” are futile & merely wastes precious energy. What you resist persists. What you think about is your reality. Instead, think in [...]

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Angel’s Touch

I’ve had a lot of difficulty falling and staying asleep and have recently withdrawn from all prescription drugs taken over the last two and a half decades. I’m now on a program to restore my fatigued adrenal glands using natural supplements because prescription drugs don’t work long term and even have detrimental effects on brain [...]

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