Angel’s Touch

I’ve had a lot of difficulty falling and staying asleep and have recently withdrawn from all prescription drugs taken over the last two and a half decades. I’m now on a program to restore my fatigued adrenal glands using natural supplements because prescription drugs don’t work long term and even have detrimental effects on brain chemistry.

After a hard month of only sleeping a few hours a night, I kept praying for an angel to come to me in my room and touch me. I continued asking for an angel’s visit. I laid down before lunch to rest. I fell asleep which I don’t normally do during the day.

I dreamed that my deceased daughter, Charlene, came and lay down with me. I put both arms around her and hugged her. I told her how good it felt to hold her in my arms again. She was joyful and radiant.

When I awoke, I realized that Charlene was the angel who came to me in my room and touched me deeply! She’s the angel who answered my prayer. I cried. This is the first real contact I’ve had with her since she passed over 9 years ago at age 40. It felt wonderful. The next day was Easter Sunday, the celebration of the Resurrection.

We are multidimensional beings. Angels and loved ones often visit us in the dream state. My sister, Carole, told me of a vivid dream she had one night. Mom and Charlene were together, happy and smiling. Carole said she thought they wanted her to know that they were fine. She also said that she rarely remembers dreams so this one was special.

Two weeks later, I was reading Marianne Williamson’s beautiful book, The Gift of Change. I tried her simple, closed eyes mediation. Breathing deeply, I felt the distress of sleeplessness. Then, I pictured Christ coming up behind me and putting His arms around me. A deep sense of peace enveloped me. After some time in this state, I felt that I would be able to fall asleep. I laid down and slept on and off for close to 10 hours!

Jesus said, “Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24 (New Revised Standard Version)

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