Hope of the World

Divine Mother, birthing all universes, we deeply love, honor and appreciate the whole miraculous creation!

Bless the Earth with infinite abundance, Immaculate Mary. Purify its waters, restore its forests, soils and all interconnected life, O, Hope of the World.

Shower graces on all woman who carry your sacred life force in their wombs, Mystical Matriarch. Empower all people with freedom, Merciful Lady. Restore peace and dignity to your holy human family. Free all animals with our immense gratitude for their selfless service, Compassionate Queen.

Saturate all hearts with your sacred love and wisdom. Illuminate every mind with the truth of Unity. Grant each being the ultimate gift of embodying Light in the physical body.

We humbly thank you, most glorious Woman Clothed With The Sun!


Gwen Cheryl Lyn Sarandrea




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